Dutch Online

Online Dutch for English speakers

The elementary  Online Dutch language course is designed for absolute beginners, which means that you do not need to have any prior knowledge of the Dutch language. You are going to work with “Totaal”, which consists of a book and audio files.

The objective of this course is to acquire good knowledge of everyday Dutch. The emphasis of the lessons is, therefore, placed on speaking and listening skills, while the grammar serves to support these skills, and, as such, it is not the objective itself.

As for the vocabulary, at level A1 you will learn basic phrases in everyday situations: at work, in the city, doing grocery shopping, eating in a restaurant, talking about your family and everyday activities, both in present and past tense

In the context of the European Framework of Reference for Modern Language Learning, it is possible to achieve the A2 level by the end of this course.

Each lesson is made up of a dialogue in which new vocabulary and new grammar is presented. The other sections include:

  •  questions about the text
  •  vocabulary
  • summary
  •  grammar
  •  structure exercises
  •  listening exercises
  •  pronunciation practice
  •  homework exercises
  •  supplementary vocabulary
  • The Netherlands and the Dutch

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