Kurs srpskog jezikaSerbian for foreigners is suited to the people from abroad who live, work and study in Serbia. Our students are mostly Italians, English, French, Russian, German, Polish, Greeks, as well as citizens of Arab countries. As part of our Serbian for foreigners business offer, the EuroSchool foreign language school waits for you to sign-up for an initial, intermediate and high level course, which means that you are going to learn to speak and write in Serbian language.

Group and individual classes

Kurs srpskog jezika

The course is based on simulations (RolePlay) that contribute to your better coping with everyday communication. Program of the course is based on the students’ needs to use language and to practice it more. Serbian for foreigners in Belgrade is organized through group and individual classes.

Group classes are conducted in interactive groups of up to 4 participants. Individual lessons are suited for students who want the lecturer to be dedicated exclusively to them during whole course.

Serbian for foreigners – Online course

A special offer for all potential attendees who have less time is Online course – Serbian for foreigners. It only takes a computer with a webcam and steady internet connection to start getting fantastic results in Serbian language. Our experienced lecturers carry out classes via Skype, and speed at which you are going to progress in the knowledge of the Serbian language would amaze you completely.

Dynamics and time-table

Serbian for foreigners is organized in time-table that complies with attendees’ desires. Flexibility of the time-table implies that you can schedule appointments in the morning, afternoon or evening. Classes take place twice a week, or more if you choose an intensive course, for 90 minutes.

Highly regarded lecturers

Together with specially trained lecturers at the EuroSchool foreign language school, learning the Serbian language for foreigners has never been easier. By the latest techniques and methods of experienced lecturers, you will learn Serbian in creative and interactive courses, easily. Although it is often said that Serbian language is difficult, through our lecturers you will easily get along with cases, genders, but also with the rule that every letter in the alphabet has its own pronunciation.

The initial level of knowledge of the Serbian language

It means that you acquire the knowledge of the Serbian language which provides the opportunity for the student to present themselves, to describe the environment, people, as well as to write short texts.

Middle level of knowledge of Serbian language

The student possesses the knowledge of the Serbian language, which gives him the ability to make shorter conversations, as well as to have clear understanding of the various contents.

Advanced level of knowledge of Serbian language

The student has acquired the knowledge needed to have longer conversations in the Serbian language, to write in more details, but also has obtained the ability to independently express its opinion in the form of argument.

If you want to learn the Serbian language more effectively you are in the right place. It is because you would soon become an active speaker of the Serbian language assisted by specially trained lecturers at the EuroSchool School of Foreign Languages.

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